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Planning for pregnancy and stimulation of ovulation: Clomid (Clomiphene) #

A stimulation of ovulation is one of the most popular methods to accelerate the occurrence of pregnancy. This procedure is used in two cases:

  • Anovulation associated with hormonal changes
  • Partial anovulation or irregular ovulations

Planning for pregnancy happens under doctor’s control, after clinical examinations. If there is an opportunity of the ovulation stimulation, doctors use a pharmaceutical method and prescribe Clomid.

Clomid (Clomiphene) is the best products for the ovulation stimulation within the past 40 years. Since the early 1960s the results of the Clomid treatment have not been changed.

Numerous hormonal and immunologic tests, modern devices? Ultrasound investigation and other diagnostic procedures, Clomid is the basic method of the stimulation of ovulation and pregnancy.

A one-time stimulation of ovulation with hormonal drugs has nothing to do with general recovery of own ovulation in woman.

Indeed, many young families have difficulties with having a baby and go to a doctor for help. According to the results, women have complete or partial anovulation. A recovery of the own ovulation is not always possible. Many years and big sums of money are required for the medical procedures and medications.

But a one-time stimulation of the ovulation with Clomid gives almost 100%.

How does Clomid help to plan pregnancy?

Clomid has intensive antiestrogenic action. Estrogens play an important role in conceiving, stimulate secretion of cervical mucus (good environment required for life, motion and nutrition of spermatozoa), stimulate the release of luteinizing hormone, favors a regeneration and growth of endometrium.

Deficit of estrogens may lead to impossibility of ovulation, and pregnancy. The drug does not act on the concentration of estrogens in the blood but acts on the estrogenic receptors that regulate the level of hormone. In case of estrogen deficit, these receptors enhance their activity, and in case of the excess of estrogens, the receptors reduce the activity.

Clomid just helps to create conditions for the natural change of the estrogen level in the female body. A concentration of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones grows under the action of the drug.

The effect is usually kept within 5 days, and then a concentration of these hormones drops. But there is 76% probability that one or several follicles appear and mature, and it leads to the increase of the estrogen concentration. As a result, luteinizing hormones is released in the middle of the cycle and ovulation begins.

Therefore, many women may better plan for pregnancy and follow the ovulation after therapeutic course. The planning is sometimes difficult without Clomid because of the unstable ovulation, but after the treatment, ovulation happens as planned in most cases.

However, one-time stimulation of ovulation does not always give 100% effect. Some women should have 2-3 courses of the treatment in order to have the result. It does not guarantee that own ovulation will be restored, but pregnancy may be planned after the treatment is a fact.

In any case, a doctor should control the treatment. A self-treatment does not help to achieve the result because the dose may be incorrect. The dose depends on the results of the previous tests and regular diagnostics after the use of the pills.

The dose may be too low or too high, and so the body may give a reverse reaction, and ovulation may not occur at the required moment.