Hello and welcome to my blog, TrendingDownward.com! I created this site for two purposes:

  1. To be used as a journal to hold me accountable to my fitness goals.
  2. To serve as a thorough Insanity Workout Review for any and all that are curious about Shaun T’s insane workout program.

Now that I have completed the Insanity workout, you are probably looking for my results which can be found here:

If you are looking to read a story about a guy in terrible shape looking to become healthier, read on.

I have never been a very active person, but for the past few years I have been stuck in an unfortunate rut: wake up, go to work and sit at a desk for 8+ hours, wind down either by sitting in front of the TV for a few hours or go out for happy hour (often including far too many beers and greasy, fried food), sleep, rinse, repeat. Meanwhile, I have paid little attention to diet, exercise and the general state of my health.

It shows… At 26 years old and 6 feet tall I weighed in at 225 pounds. However, 6 months ago I began travelling across South America and, due to simple diet and activity changes that have come naturally with travel, I now weigh only 190 lbs (35 lbs lost in 6 months!). Even so, I am still overweight and out of shape during what should be the prime years of my life. I have decided to make the necessary changes to remedy this and I hope to make Insanity the tool to accomplish this.

My reason for choosing the Insanity Program is simple: Constantly being on the move, I wanted a simple routine to follow that requires little or no access to exercise equipment (i.e. relies on body weight exercises only). I believe Insanity is it.

My goals for the program are as follows (also very simple): continue to lose while while also building some muscle definition. I will follow up shortly with ‘before’ pictures as well as body measurements, but for now, it is enough to say that I have grown to be a bit ‘flabby’ recently. I have quite a bit of extra weight around my midsection and very little muscle definition (ok, that’s an exaggeration… I have none).

My plan for this blog is to update at least once per week (and as often as daily) with my reflections on the program and results to date. I will also add miscellaneous content related to the program and fitness in general as I see fit since I would like this to become an all encompassing resource for others that in a similar position to me.

Have you started the Insanity program yet? Do you have any questions or comments about the site? please contact me using this form with your goals, questions or comments and hopefully this can become a platform for us to further motivate each other toward our goals.