If you are trying to decide whether or not Insanity is right for you, then look no further than my Insanity workout descriptions. Here I will provide you with an in-depth overview of what is contained within the Insanity Fit Test as well as the Dig Deeper video. The fit test should be a pretty good indicator of what is to come, but if you feel like you need more info, you can continue on to check out the rest of the Insanity workouts using the menu to the right or my Insanity Workouts page.

Dig Deeper Video #

Insanity Dig DeeperDig Deeper is not a workout, but more of an introduction to the Insanity program. In it, Shaun T claims he is going to get you into the best shape of your life in 60 days (the program is actually 63 days, but who is counting?). He is going to ‘ask you to dig deeper, be strong so you can get the best body that you ever thought possible.’ And it’s true – in future workouts he is always there, pushing and motivating, and he is good at it.

In this video you also get a little preview of many of the workouts to come, and it is a bit intimidating, but don’t let that hold you back, you can do it! This is all followed by a brief description of ‘max interval training,’ the method behind the madness of Insanity.

And this is where the warnings come in. It is recommended that you consult with a physician, make sure you pay close attention to your form at all times, rest only when you have too, stop entirely if you start to feel any pain, wear proper shoes, make sure to drink enough water, and fuel your body properly through diet.

Lastly is an introduction to the four basic movements that make up a huge portion of the Insanity program: jumps, squats, planks, and c-sits. It is highly recommended that you watch this short video to learn about proper form for these four movements as they really do make up most of the exercises in this workout, and without proper form you run the risk of injuring yourself. In the meantime you can check out Mark’s Daily Apple for a solid description of proper squat and plank technique with videos. He goes into detail and variations that are far beyond what you need for Insanity, but a great resource nonetheless. I will keep an eye out for something similar for the other two movements, but as of this writing I haven’t seen anything good enough.

But you didn’t really come here to read about the Dig Deeper video, did you? No, you were looking for some info about the fit test. And I am happy to oblige.

Insanity Fit Test #

Insanity Fit TestRight away Shaun tells you to make sure to complete this fit test before you start the program and every two weeks thereafter to track your progress over the course of the program. And I could not agree more… If you don’t track your progress it is too easy to overlook your results and quit early.

And then it begins. Of course the very first thing you have to do is warm-up. The warm-up consists of the following: jogging, jumping jacks, heismans, 1-2-3 heismans, butt kicks, high knees and mummy kicks. After your muscles are good and warm, Shaun leads you through a variety of breathing exercises and stretches.

And then the fun begins! The actual fit test consists of about one minute of each of the following exercises with a short rest in between to recover and record your results. The idea is to do as many of each as you can. I will do my best to explain each of the exercises below, but some of these are a bit difficult to put into words. I may try to find or create some sketches at a later date, but for now your best bet is just to get the program and check it out yourself.

  • Switch kicks – these consist of you jumping back and forth from right leg to left leg, kicking the opposite leg into the air as you do. This is an exercise that you will encounter again in future workouts.
  • Power jacks – start this exercise with your feet together and your hands up high over your head. Make a normal jumping jack motion but when you open your legs and bring your hands down you will also be going into a squat.
  • Power knees – to begin, put your weight on one leg and then bring the opposite knee upward to meet your hand at the level of your belly button.
  • Power jumps – your feet should be at shoulder width with your knees bent and in squat position. Swing your arms back, then forward and upward while jumping. Your knees should come up to the level of your waist and your hands should come down to meet them. Make sure to land softly!
  • Globe jumps – starting on your feet and bent down touching the floor, jump up and to the right landing in the same position you started, again to the back, again to the left and one more time to the front. One full rotation counts as one globe jump.
  • Suicide jumps – drop your hands to the floor and throw your legs backward so you land in a plank position. Pull your legs forward between your hands, then jump into an upright position. Repeat.
  • Push-up jacks – these are like regular push-ups: get down on your hands and toes with hands spaced a little wider than shoulders. The goal should be to go down about 3-5 inches away from floor. The tricky part is that in the downward motion you separate your feet so as to perform something that resembles a horizontal jumping jack.
  • Low plank obliques – get down into plank position but on your elbows instead of your hands. Starting on the right side, bring your knee up to your shoulder, alternating between the two legs, working your obliques and abs while keeping your butt down.

And finally, the fit test ends with some cool down stretches and breathing exercises, similar to those performed in the warm-up.

Hopefully you have found this description of the Insanity fit test and dig deeper videos to be useful in your decision of whether or not to get started with the Insanity workout program. If you would like to follow along as I complete two months of fit test, have a look at my results page.

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