My Insanity 30 Day Results

The first month of Insanity has been quite a ride! It all began at the beginning of April 2013 when, in an attempt to lose a little extra weight and get back into shape, I decided to undertake the Insanity home workout program. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I would make it much further than the one-week mark, much less into the second month of the program. But here we are, month two and still going strong. However it just occurred to me that I still haven’t shared my Insanity 30 day results with you, and I wanted to take a minute to do so now. I am very happy with where I currently stand, and I am only half way into the program! If I continue to progress at this rate, there is no doubt in my mind that I will see huge results by the end of these 60 days.

Results In Progress
Image credit: Grant Kwok

But first a little background for those of you that are visiting my blog for the first time. On April 8, I weighed in at 189 pounds. I had recently managed to lose just over 35 pounds, and although I was at a pretty good weight, I still wanted to lose a bit more. To top it off, I hadn’t been a very active person leading up to this point and was looking to combine further weight loss with better overall fitness. But what would be the best way to achieve all of this? To be honest, I don’t believe there is any one best way, but after a bit of research I decided that I wanted to give Insanity a try. It seemed like everything I could want from a home workout program, but most importantly, I could perform it anywhere, without equipment and without a gym. And now, having seen my Insanity 30 day results, I can confidently say that I made a good choice. Below you will find all of my fit test results and body measurements as well as my before and after pictures.

Fit Test # 3 Results #

On day one I was surprised to find out that the warm-up alone from the fit test DVD took every last ounce of strength and energy that I had. Not a good sign. So how did I measure up 36 days later? Below are my results from fit test # 1 and fit test # 3 for comparison. If you would like some further insight on my progress to date, I have set up a results page which you can check out here.

Name of move – day 1 results / day 36 results (change)

  • Switch kicks – 78 / 108 (+30)
  • Power jacks – 45 / 59 (+14)
  • Power knees – 70 / 84 (+14)
  • Power jumps – 20 / 38 (+18)
  • Globe jumps – 7 / 11 (+4)
  • Suicide jumps – 8 / 15 (+7)
  • Push-up jacks – 18 / 23 (+5)
  • Low plank obliques – 24 / 50 (+26)

Solid improvement across the board! Coming from a very sedentary lifestyle, I am incredibly happy with these results. I think this is a good indicator of my overall health and fitness, and if I saw no other results besides these, I would still be ecstatic. Of course these aren’t the only Insanity 30 day results I am seeing, which you can tell from the measurements listed below.

Third Set Of Body Measurements #

As I said previously, when I started this whole Insanity adventure, I felt like I had just finally reached a healthy weight. Even so, I knew there was room for to keep going (you can see what I mean in the pictures a little further below). So I was incredibly pleased to see such improvement across the board when I took this most recent set of measurements. Unfortunately I have been having a very difficult time taking consistent thigh measurements (I recommend you find someone to help you take these, if not all of your measurements), so I have left them out entirely. Even so, I will continue to record them on my results page if you are curious.

Measurement – day 1 results / day 36 results (change)

  • Weight – 189 / 180 (-9 lbs)
  • Chest – 38.25 / 37.625 (-.625 inches)
  • Left bicep* – 13.875 / 13.75 (-.125 inches)
  • Right bicep* – 13.625 / 13.5 (-.125 inches)
  • Waist – 34.75 / 31.75 (-3 inches)
  • Hips – 37.125 / 36.125 (-1 inch)
  • Butt* – 39 / 38.29 (-.71 inches)
  • Left calf* – 15.625 / 15.71 (+.085 inches)
  • Right calf* – 15.875 / 15.92 (+.045 inches)
  • Resting heart rate – 70 / 60 (-10 bpm)
  • BMI – 25.8 / 24.4 (-1.4)

* I didn’t take these measurements on day 1 so I have indicated the measurement from day 15.

Once again, solid improvements! However, there are a couple of specific measurements that I would like to highlight from my Insanity 30 day results. First, I have experienced a 30 day weight loss of 9 pounds! That by itself is incredible, but I also know that results can’t be measured by the scale alone. Which is why it is also exciting to see that I have lost 3 inches from my waist and another inch from my hips. And finally, my resting heart rate has dropped by 10 beats per minute to 60. And while I know that there are a lot of factors that can affect heart rate, I am just going to assume that this is primarily due to an improvement in cardiovascular health :).

But of course all of the numbers above are just that… Numbers written down on a page. Which brings us to what I imagine is the most anticipated portion of my Insanity 30 day results: the pictures!

Progress Pictures #

Well here they are (and yes, I know I really need to work on that awful tan). In the pictures from the front and side I don’t notice a huge difference, and it doesn’t help that I look so tense and awkward in the day 1 pictures… But from the back shots it is really apparent to me that I have gotten rid of a good chunk of excess fat, especially in the waist and hips. So without further adieu, my Insanity 30 day results pictures:

Insanity 30 Day Results Pictures - Front View

Insanity 30 Day Results Pictures - Side View

* The angle on these didn’t turn out that great… On day 1 it looks like I am pushing my gut and chest out, day 15 is an alright picture and on day 36 I am kind of slouched over – oops.

Insanity 30 Day Results Pictures - Back View

Make sure to check back to my before and after pictures page soon, as I will be updating these again in a couple of days for fit test 4.

Insanity 30 Day Results #


Admittedly I had hoped to be seeing a much more dramatic change in my Insanity 30 day results pictures (I know, so shallow of me…). That said, a total loss of 9 pounds along with a reduction of 4 inches in my waist and hips in one month is amazing! In addition, the huge strength and endurance gains indicated by my fit test make it obvious to me that I am on the right path and Insanity was a good choice for me. Additionally, I owe a little credit to the fine folks over at This app has been a great help to me in terms of putting my diet into perspective. I highly suggest to anyone starting Insanity (or any other diet and exercise regimen) to use a tool like this to track your progress.

So can I recommend Insanity to others looking to lose weight? Absolutely! If you are looking to lose weight, get in shape and can commit to the intense nature of Insanity, then I think you are ready to get started today.

Your Turn #

What do you think of my Insanity 30 day results? Do you agree that I am doing well so far or did you expect more? And for those that are completing Insanity with me, what kind of results are you seeing after 30 days? I would love to compare notes, so let me know in the comments.

Until next time!

3 responses to “My Insanity 30 Day Results

  1. This is a great blog and really helpful to those currently undertaking INSANITY. I am currently on week 4 and I have book marked this page as a reference, especially given the new regime (week 6 onwards) is looming.

    Thanks for taking the time to write it, it’s appreciated.

  2. Pretty awesome blog man. I like the updates and overall review. My fiancee and myself are on week 3 at the moment (actually we had to repeat week 3 after missing a few days for medical issues) and it is still a killer but we both feel good and can feel the changes although it is still hard to see them just yet.
    Thanks for your awesome blog dude and keep it up!

  3. I just started Insanity for the 2nd time. Got about 4 weeks in after my last child was born but quit due to having to go back to work. I only weigh 98 lbs but after 2 kids was NOT in good shape. Can’t believe how much this workout has improved my mental health. For a mom dealing with postpartum depression, it’s worth every drop of sweat.

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